CW Post – Community Oriented Philanthropist

C.W. Post purchased several large plats surrounding his sprawling
factory/farm in 1902, which would later be known as Post Addition.  He built modest homes and sold them to his
workers for a modest price via payroll deduction.  He wanted his workforce to be close by and to
have an opportunity to own their own home. 
He also built the Fire Station located at Cliff and Grenville (Station
#3).  He wanted to protect his business
and the community he built for his workers and their families.

2021 Book Distribution

The Board of the Post Foundation would like to express our
sincere thanks to the Altrusa International of Battle Creek for the $500
donation we received from your organization. 
The funds will be used in support of our annual Christmas Book
program.  The foundation works with the Community
in School Coordinators and the teachers at Post-Franklin, Ann J. Kellogg,
Verona and Beadle Lake Elementary to identify curriculum appropriate books for
their classrooms.  Each student receives
a book that they can take home to build their reading library.  One of the foundation’s primary goal is to
address education and the needs of students in our community.   This too is a focus of the Altrusa group and
Communities in School Battle Creek, which makes our partnerships so
meaningful.  For more information on the
Post Foundation, Altrusa International of Battle Creek, and Communities in School
Battle Creek, refer to the links below.  If your organization is interested in
partnering with our Christmas Book Program, Altrusa, and Communities in School
Battle Creek, please contact us via our Facebook or Webpage links.    Facebook – Postfoundationbc  or  Facebook

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