Tribute to Deb Calkins


When Deb moved back to Battle Creek after retiring, Post Foundation was fortunate that she was willingly to jump into action and take a leadership role on the Advisory Board.  Deb and Randy led the organization until Deb’s unexpected death in 2019.

Deb was very committed to making the lives of children better in our community.  She had always been active in the community and the Post Foundation gave her the platform to shine.  Deb was involved in building the playground at the Post Franklin school, handing out back packs and school supplies at the beginning of the school year at Post Franklin, Verona, and Beadle Lake.  She spearheaded the program that made sure that the children at these schools had a new book that was age appropriate for them to read over the Christmas break and to build their home library.

She always hoped to grow the organization to help more children and have a greater impact on the community.  As she worked tirelessly on the many projects in life, she also designated Post Foundation as a beneficiary of her estate and through that, Deb’s legacy will continue.

Tribute to Virginia Moody

The Post Foundation Advisory Board presented this plaque to Virginia for being a founding member and keeping the legacy of Post employees past and present giving back to the community. Thank You Virginia!